book cover of For a Dragon\'s Seduction

For a Dragon's Seduction

(The eighth book in the Highland Dragons series)
A Novella by

Kaiser of Pratt prides himself on his ability to do his duty. Being part of the black caste of dragons, he has performed tasks that range from infiltrating a clan's inner circle, to escort duty, to acting as a herald for his people. He's willing to use every weapon in his arsenal to get a job done, including his body. While visiting Clan MacDuffan, Kaiser catches the scent of the human Seumas Maxton. While he recognizes Seumas as an asda - a human able to bond with a dragon - he's met asdas before and has always been able to resist the allure of their scent. This time, Kaiser finds his thoughts consumed by Seumas. Knowing the human has valuable information, Kaiser thinks a fun romp with him might be just the thing to glean what he needs and scratch his itch. Except Seumas somehow knows he's already bedded another. What must he do to convince the human of the pleasure they could have together?