book cover of For a Dragon\'s Persuasion

For a Dragon's Persuasion

(The seventh book in the Highland Dragons series)
A Novella by

Perth has worked under Kaiser, the black dragon caste's best spy, for decades. While he respects the man's ability to gather information, Perth doesn't share his mentor's love of sharing his body with his sources to get it. When visiting strange clans, that leaves Perth with plenty of time to wander. Stopping in the stable, he finds his attention arrested by the young stable hand, Aodhan. While the male is nineteen summers, he's still slender, gangly, and growing into his body. As a dragon, Perth doesn't care about all that. He is attracted to the human's smell and finds himself returning often, appreciating Aodhan's quick wit and shy smiles. When Perth is framed and forced to flee, he persuades Aodhan to join him. On the run, Perth must reveal that he is a dragon. Will his young human have enough faith to accept that he is still the male he has come to know?

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