book cover of For a Dragon\'s Forgiveness

For a Dragon's Forgiveness

(The fourth book in the Highland Dragons series)
A Novella by

Ciendon McDoffrey just had his life turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew about himself and his brothers has been stripped away. While attempting to rob a dragon of its hoard, Ciendon learns he's been manipulated by his brother, Ronin, for years. His other brother, Thom, had never hated him. Thom even convinces his dragon lover, whom Ciendon had been trying to rob, to spare his life. Instead, as penance, Ciendon is assigned to a dragon named Paigon, who puts him to work tending livestock. Ciendon considers it a far lighter punishment than what he deserves, especially when he and Paigon discover a mutual attraction which they quickly act upon. When Thom reveals that the Circle of Elders have given several dragons the right to court Ciendon, and Paigon isn't one of them, will Ciendon accept bonding with a strange dragon, believing it's the punishment he truly deserves? Or will he forgive himself and fight for what he wants?

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