book cover of Enlightening the Lab Assistant

Enlightening the Lab Assistant

(Book 18 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

While out on assignment to collect a human's soul, Lindemere catches the scent of his amina, his soul, the person meant to be his reward for a thousand years of service to his master, the Horseman of Death. Distracted, he ends up in a trap meant for a gargoyle. While Lindemere could have easily gotten away, he decides to play along in hopes of getting a chance to speak with and perhaps woo his human. Before he even has the opportunity to learn the sweet-smelling man's name, Lindemere's master comes for him. During the course of the fight, Lindemere's amina is injured, so he takes him to the demon realm to heal... and also in the hopes of beginning their bond. When the human wakes, Iago reveals that he considers paranormals selfish and prideful, an elitist race, and they should share their secrets of healing and longevity with mankind. Can Lindemere discover the source of Iago's suppositions and find a way to change his mind, or will Iago refuse his suit in protest of what he considers paranormals' slight against humanity?