book cover of Enchanted by a Vampire

Enchanted by a Vampire

(Book 29 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Just a little Love Bite: A friendly human manages to extricate his life from the seedy streets... until a specter from his past comes calling.

Years before, Saul Mandisa came to Vegas to work on stage... only to find out it requires a lot of dancing, and he has two left feet. When his minimum wage job didn’t quite cover food and rent, he took a few side hustles that he wasn’t proud of. Finally landing steady work allowed him to extricate himself from that life... or so Saul thought.

Even after five years, Saul would never forget Reagan the Hammer—right hand and enforcer to the infamous crime boss—Luigi Arnasta. At first, he ignores Reagan’s calls. Then he does his best to avoid the man—and his henchmen—at all costs. After all, Saul wants nothing to do with that life, and he never had. His luck runs out when he meets a couple of friends for drinks and discovers one of them essentially sold him out.

To Saul’s shock, a sexy Frenchman steps in and sends Reagan packing—a man named Jean-Paul Tremblay. When Saul discovers his savior is a vampire who seems to think he’s the other half of Jean-Paul’s soul, will he risk taking a chance on the devil he doesn’t know?

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