book cover of Bobbing with a Giant Octopus

Bobbing with a Giant Octopus

(The tenth book in the Beneath Aquatica's Waves series)
A Novella by

Price Litner has been in and out of the military more times than he cares to remember. Every decade it becomes harder and harder to keep his vampire nature hidden. When a silly mistake drags his nature into question, Price knows he needs to find a safe place to lie low. He turns to the one man he can trust—ex-team member Graham Canton.

Even though Price is aware Graham lives at a marine park with a bunch of shifters, he knows he has no choice. He has to put his life in the hands of other paranormals—something he hasn’t done in over one hundred fifty years. Price trusts Graham, so he takes the chance.

One of the men who accompanies the shifter pod alpha when he comes to question Price—after all, he could be bringing trouble their way—is none other than his beloved—a giant octopus shifter named Dare Winterwall. Can Price help the shifters save not only him but their anonymity, too? Oh, and will he be able to work past his queasiness of all things…tentacled?

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