book cover of Binding Santos

Binding Santos

(The third book in the Gargoyles of Cuchulian series)
A Novella by

Santos is a demon, enjoying life as a bachelor and the body of any male that strikes his fancy. But one kiss to Tyron's lips and he becomes obsessed with the little gargoyle. They strike a deal. Tyron will give him one night of passion in exchange for information his tribe needs. But before the deal is done, the gargoyle's conscience kicks in and Tyron reveals that they're mates and that's why Santos can't stop thinking about him. Scoffing at the ridiculous notion, after all, demons don't mate like gargoyles do, Santos insists on fulfilling their bargain.

Imagine his surprise when the Demon Coalition, the ruling body of demons, kidnaps Tyron, claiming Santos has started an unapproved binding with the gargoyle. Santos is told their bond must be broken. Now he has a choice, but how can Santos decide between his own execution, which would free Tyron, or allowing the Coalition to sacrifice the honorable gargoyle he's infatuated with?

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