book cover of Beguiling his Timid Waiter

Beguiling his Timid Waiter

(Book 25 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Kinsey has watched for centuries as his father's bigoted views tore his family apart. Seeing the rift between his parents grow wider than ever, he does the only thing he can think of to fix it, even knowing it could very well cost him his enforcer position. Sneaking into Falias clutch territory, Kinsey searches for his estranged brother, Conchlin. He finds him at a bowling alley. Once he gets in there, the scent of another quickly distracts him - the human Jimmy. For the first time in Kinsey's life, he puts his own desires first. With some help from Conchlin, he meets Jimmy and slowly begins to woo him from the shadows. Just when Kinsey prepares to reveal the existence of paranormals and that he's a gargoyle, his worst fears manifest - his father discovers where he's been going and beats Kinsey to sharing the truth with Jimmy - terrifying him in the process. To top it off, his father offers Kinsey an ultimatum - stay out of Falias clutch territory forever or be labeled rogue. Can Kinsey find a way to fix the damage done by his father, or will he lose not only his family, but Jimmy as well?

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