book cover of The Angel\'s Vampire

The Angel's Vampire

(Book 27 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Just a little Love Bite: An angel’s assignment places him in the path of his hurting stella guida, leaving him wondering if he has the skills to help.

When Nester joined Murdoch’s coven a couple of years back, Murdoch knew they weren’t beloveds. That didn’t stop him from falling hard and fast for the hazel-eyed vampire, who seems to return his affection. Bringing in a donor for threesomes happens often and keeps the spice in their relationship. Murdoch is ready for the next step—family—and Nester claims to be, too. They agree to a surrogate and artificial insemination. Except, then Murdoch ends up running late to an appointment to meet the surrogate at the facility and walks in on Nester banging the woman. His lover claims it’s no big deal, but it is to Murdoch. If Nester was willing to do that with their surrogate, who else had he been involved with behind his back? Murdoch takes a step back from Nester, trying to get some perspective, angering the other vampire. A guest at the dude ranch—Malakai—offers to listen to Murdoch and offer advice. Murdoch finds himself extremely attracted to the gorgeous male, although his lack of scent confuses him. An unexpected accident allows Murdoch to taste Malakai’s blood, revealing that not only is the male his beloved, but Malakai is also an angel. Can Murdoch come to grips with the revelation—and why Malakai had hidden their connection from him—before Nester figures out a way to sabotage any hope for their future?

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