book cover of An Angelic Dilemma

An Angelic Dilemma

(Book 30 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Just a little Love Bite: An angel runs into a dilemma when the man he’s supposed to be helping is associated with his stella guida.

As an angel, Mordecai has the ability to read the thoughts of others. Sitting in a coffee shop, eyeing the human he’s there to help—Charles—Mordecai listens to the man’s internal troubles so he can discern the best way to assist him. Mordecai hears Charles wondering why he’s agreed to meet his workout buddy, Jeffrey, for coffee... knowing Jeffrey intends it as a date. According to Charles’s thoughts, the human has never bothered acting on his occasional flash of appreciation for the opposite sex, and he doesn’t see the point in doing so now.

Mordecai assumes that his task is to help Charles come to grips with his desire for the occasional male. In the past, he’s spent time talking with his assigned human, walking them through a bit of soul-searching. Mordecai doesn’t think anything is special about the assignment. He’s done it plenty of times before.

Everything changes when Mordecai gets his first look at Jeffrey and meets the man’s gaze. The human, Jeffrey—Charles’s date—is his stella guida, his guiding star—the one human he can share a soul with. How can Mordecai help Charles come to grips with dating Jeffrey, when every instinct screams at him to take him for his own?

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