book cover of An Amant for the Alligator

An Amant for the Alligator

(Book 14 in the Shifter's Regime series)
A Novella by

Keeping the Peace: After a miscommunication, a shifter must track down his missing mate.

Enforcer Rigel Patterson is known around Shifter Headquarters as a playboy, and he’s okay with that. After all, he doesn��t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying himself while he waits for Fate to deliver his mate to him. While at a club, Rigel is thrilled when She finally delivers the other half of his soul to him—a handsome human named Tucker. Rigel quickly whisks his mate out of the club, enjoying a night of passion. Except, upon waking the next morning, he finds Tucker gone. Rigel realizes that he should have done a little more talking, but it’s too late.

He enlists the aid of friends to help him find Tucker. When Rigel runs across Tucker by accident, he’s overjoyed. In his enthusiasm, he accidentally outs Tucker to his parents. After an explosive display, Rigel realizes explaining he’s an alligator shifter, mates, and the paranormal world could be the least of his problems. Can Rigel convince Tucker to forgive him and give them a chance?