book cover of Acrobatics with an Ammonite

Acrobatics with an Ammonite

(Book 12 in the Beneath Aquatica's Waves series)
A Novella by

World of Aquatica: When a man swims in private waters, he discovers more than he ever thought possible.

Deckart Waldorf knows he’s not supposed to be swimming there, but he needs to get away. Sneaking onto the private beach seems like a good idea. His ex would never think to look for him there. After all, Deckart has always followed the letter of the law, in every area of his life. He’s never even had a parking ticket.

While snorkeling, Deckart spots what looks like the largest sea snail he’s ever seen. He figures it has to be almost five feet in diameter. Unable to help himself, he takes a closer look. Deckart swims around it and even touches the animal. After a few minutes, the beast reaches out to him, revealing tentacles that help it move swiftly, telling him it isn’t a snail.

Deckart has no idea what it is, but it doesn’t seem dangerous, joining him in playful acrobatics. When he tires and heads to shore, it follows... and turns into a man... a huge light-browned skinned man named Rawlins who claims they’re mates. Can Deckart come to grips with Rawlins’s nature before his ex tracks him down again?

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