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Wicked Omen

(The first book in the Dark Pantheon series)
A novel by

Kalla of Messenia and Nikolaos of Sparta are enemies. More than that, as a Spartan general and an Aresian vampire, Nikolaos is twice-descended from Ares, god of war. Nikolaos is a warrior to be reckoned with - not someone Kalla wants to cross. But even as she reminds herself this man, this vampire, is her enemy, she cannot stop herself from falling in lust with him.Nikolaos has reason to mistrust Kalla but cannot deny his desire for her. Together they must face a common enemy - one who threatens both Nikolaos' way of life and Kalla's family. But defeating their foe does not guarantee their happiness. What will Nikolaos do when he discovers Kalla is not what she seems? And when a secret is revealed to Kalla about her background, will that help or hinder her cause?Reader Advisory: Contains a brief scene of male/male sexual interaction.