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Seasons of Seduction I

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Choosing Madison By Sherrill Quinn Gaelen Brecca has to track down the errant fiancee of his world's leader. When he finds her hiding out on Earth, Gaelen has no choice but to take along Earthwoman Madison Marquette as well. Finding a mate was the last thing he and his bond-brother, Leax Ilan, expected on their mission.When she discovers that her new friend is actually an alien princess, Madison is ready for a grand adventure with her. She's immediately drawn to Gaelen and Leax, who make no secret of their attraction for her. Can they secure her sensual surrender? Club Vamp By Allyson JamesWhen master vampire Kenelm sees Helena Girard, he knows she's the one destined to restore him to power. He sends his lover, Adam Chase, to bring her to his club. Helena is instantly smitten with gorgeous Adam, but knows she can't be with him because of the deadly electricity her body sends off when she orgasms.Kenelm demonstrates he can siphon off her power so she can make love to Adam - as long as he is with them. Helena revels in the excitement of both of them, until the deadly Guardians attack, revealing the truth about who she is.Reader Advisory: Contains male/male sexual interaction.Come Howling By Denise RossettiBeing a banshee is a lifetime Curse - and a magical pain the ass. It's lonely, oh so lonely. Needing a career change in the worst possible way, Maeve O'Brien the banshee visits an employment agency. Surely someone will listen!Luc hangs on every single word. The woman's voice is sex incarnate. She might dress in bag lady chic, but a single whisper and he's got the hot chills. Two sentences and he's hard enough to pound nails. To help Maeve - Hell, Luc would do anything, even go to the devil.Dance of the Plain Jane By Lillian FeistyShy Jane Holliday has loved sexy Navy SEAL Michael Sky from afar for over a year.

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