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Sassy Devils

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Demon of her Dreams Sassy Devils, LLC is a conglomerate of good and evil headed up by the Big Guy Himself, controlling all aspects of otherworldly interaction with humankind. Urian is a son of the Devil - literally - an incubus working for the Demon Division. His assignment brings him back into the life of human Hailey, a woman he's fallen in love with through the sex dreams they've shared over the years. Hailey isn't sure how to deal with this recent twist in her reality. The man of her dreams is really a demon and she discovers other supernatural beings are taking advantage of the magic of Halloween. And her relationship with Urian makes her a mighty tasty target. Their passion burning hotter than the flames of hell, it takes both of them to bring things to an explosive climax. Fallen Angel Talon, an Angel of Retribution, is sent to find a repentant leader of the Brotherhood of the Red Claw - an angel who was both friend and mentor - and either return him or pronounce judgment and kill him. Along the way he must fight off gargoyles and protect the human female they've targeted. Raegan Stark, a no-nonsense homicide detective, is stunned to find out that angels are real. As well as arrogant, bad-tempered and sexy as hell. She has to learn to hold her own against this very hot angel while staying one step ahead of their enemies. Talon finds something he never thought he would - love. And Raegan finds out how bad an angel can be, and just how good bad is!

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