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Obsidian's Flame

A novel by

Samantha Burton is trying to obtain proof that the mining process of a rare mineral is causing sterility among the Enhanced - humans exiled from Earth after being genetically mutated by secret government procedures. She herself, is one of the Enhanced. She is partially empathic and can shoot fire from her hands.

She runs into trouble, however, in the form of Marcus Treyva - Obsidian, the captain of the Elite Security team in the mining town of Nowhere. His enhancement, the ability to form an impenetrable body armor, makes him immune to her flames.

But when Marcus is betrayed by someone close to him, Samantha may be his only hope of survival. Will Obsidian's Flame save him, or will he be devoured by her fire?

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Superheroes