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Edge Of Night

A collection of stories by

Evanescence - Rae Morgan

Security specialist Kai Axton blends into the night, a mist-like shadowy image of his human form. Because of his freakish nature, he feels doomed to live his life alone--until he meets Sian York.

Sian is not who or what she seems; her past shrouded in a veil of mystery. As Kai prepares to make his move to claim her, Sian's past explodes onto the scene, forcing Kai to reveal his darkest secrets. Can Sian accept Kai's nature, or will he be doomed to live in the shadow world, forever alone?

Welcome to the Darkness - Emma Sinclair

Gwen has suffered from nightmares for as long as she can remember. But never before have they tried to kill her. She is the key to a never-ending battle between darkness and light, where one man will be her death and the other her salvation. Derek is the King of Darkness, his mere existence depends on Gwen and her ability to balance light and dark. As their lives get more and more intertwined, will they able to save the world, and each other?

Damnation - Sherrill Quinn

Jack Gerrard is a Protector assigned to Brianna Dempsey. In the process of saving her from an assassin, he breaks all the rules, including "Don't let your charge see you" and "Carnal relations with your charge are prohibited". Crazy hitmen and a depraved, sultry lamia turn up the heat in this sequel to Redemption.