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Sequel to Amber Heat best-seller Dragonfire...

The dragon clans are suffering from a higher than normal infant mortality rate and are in danger, not only of eventually becoming extinct, but in the here and now, they are losing numbers to the dragon hunters.

Nikolai Zelenka and Rainer Batsakis are sent by the leader of their dragon clan to find out what happened to a geneticist working on a cure. They meet the scientist's sister, Deirdre "Dee Dee" Adair, and immediately recognize her as their mate.

Dee Dee doesn't need dragon DNA to know she's wildly attracted to both men. But first she has to understand--and accept--them for what they are. And they must protect her against the dragon hunters who are after the genetic information she carries on a flash drive her brother sent to her.

Are two lusty shapeshifting dragons more than Dee Dee can handle? Or will Nikolai and Rainer discover they have their hands full with her?

Genres: Shapeshifter / Menage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Series