book cover of How to Catch a Rockstar

How to Catch a Rockstar

(The fourth book in the Bad Boys of Rock series)
A novel by

Catching a rockstar is never easy. Keeping one is even harder.

Shining brighter than a thousand suns…

Ghost, the enigmatic lead singer of the rock band, Ghost Parker, captivates audiences night after night with his electrifying presence. On stage, his commanding performance is fueled by raw talent and an oversized personality. Yet underneath it all, he is numb — a shadowy figure haunted by past traumas.

Caught between two irresistible and dynamic men…

Remi joins Ghost Parker’s tour for a work assignment and is quickly pulled into the glittering and scandalous world of rock and roll. She becomes tangled in the magnetic pull of Ghost's mysterious allure until their passion escalates into a fiery affair that threatens to consume them both. But Ghost is offering nothing more than a fling and her heart still belongs with another man. The last place she needs to be caught is between two dynamic men — a rock star and a mega-TV star.

Haunted by unrequited feelings…

There is only one thing holding Greyson back from making a lifetime commitment to Remi — his confused feelings for another man. He's always harbored a secret desire for Ghost, but the feeling isn't mutual; Ghost can't stand him.

The three together…

As lust and hatred intertwine, the three of them become entangled in a web of desire, jealousy, and deceit that threatens to destroy everything in its path. Caught in a whirlwind of a passionate love triangle, can they survive the fallout of their own dangerous games? Or will a shocking act of betrayal shatter their fragile connection forever? Some flames burn too hot to be tamed.

Grab your backstage pass to meet the boys of Ghost Parker and get ready for an electrifying tale of passion, betrayal, and the healing power of love. Turn up the volume as you indulge in this rockstar romance — a steamy tale of pulse-pounding beats, a tantalizing three-way relationship, and erotic encounters that will leave you breathless. Lose yourself in this glittering tale of deception, desire, and the redemptive power of love amidst the chaos of stardom.

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