book cover of Dangerous Curves Ahead

Dangerous Curves Ahead

(The first book in the Dangerous Curves Ahead series)
A Novella by

Jake is intrigued when he overhears Krista telling her friends that no man has ever given her an orgasm. Always up for a challenge, he figures a good anonymous fuck would be the perfect way to soothe his recent heartbreak.

Voluptuous Krista has always been self-conscious. Locking eyes with the incredibly sexy cowboy at the bar, the protective wall she guards so carefully begins to crumble.

When Jake and Krista's worlds collide, sparks will ignite their wildest desires. Will secrets and insecurities derail their fiery passion?

Dangerous Curves Ahead is a 9,000 word erotic romance which contains explicit depictions of sexual acts. This story is intended for an adult audience only!


Seconds later, our lips were locked in a passionate kiss. My lips yielded to his demanding kiss as our tongues collided and wound around each other. I felt my body drowning in a sea of heady sensations.

The kiss was explosive. It left me dizzy and clinging to Jake with desperation. Butterflies danced in my stomach as a knot of throbbing need assaulted my pussy. Our contact seemed to set off sparks of energy that buzzed through me. Everything around us faded away. There was no crowd of people on the dance floor, no music blaring, nothing but Jake and I.

I didn't remember where I was until Jake dragged his lips from mine. Dazed, I looked around and realized that the slow song had stopped playing and a line dance had resumed around us. Fire flamed my cheeks as I saw several girls giving me dirty looks...

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