book cover of The Billionaire\'s Son

The Billionaire's Son

(The first book in the Billionaire's Son series)
A Novella by

At the request of Jackson Vaughn himself, Julia has been working at the billionaire's estate for weeks. In all the time she's been there, she has never run into a single soul besides staff. One day, after showering off at the poolside cabana, Julia discovers her clothes missing. Her timing couldn't be worse, because today there's a special visitor.

The Billionaire's Son is a ~7,000 word erotic romance which contains explicit depictions of sexual acts including voyeurism, masturbation, threesome, light bdsm, spanking and much more. This story is intended for an adult audience only!


"Please, my clothes disappeared while I was showering. I need something to cover up." I detected a note of desperation in my voice, but I couldn't help it.

His eyes were searing my body with their intensity. "It would be a shame to cover up that beautiful body. No, I think we need to straighten out this little misunderstanding first."

My eyes must have widened as big as saucers as he stepped toward me, closing the remaining distance between us. He caressed the side of my breast with his strong fingers, leaving me trembling slightly.

"What are you doing?" I managed to gasp.

His eyes bore into mine. "I'm going to teach you a lesson for being such a naughty girl."

As quick as a flash, he grabbed both my wrists and raised my arms up. He managed to wrap one hand around both my wrists and pin them to the wall above my head. I was stretched out against the wall before him.

Instinctively, I lifted my knee trying to strike him, but he leaned against me with his hard body, rendering me helpless. "Let me go or I'm going to scream." I was frightened but felt a twinge of excitement growing in my pussy.

"Oh, you'll be screaming alright." He caressed my cheek lightly and then ran his finger down my collarbone, along my breast toward my pink, hard waiting nipples. A soft whimper escaped as he circled his fingers agonizingly slow around my nipple. He raised my breast up and this time there was no stopping him...

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