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(The third book in the West Bend Saints series)
A novel by

Being good is for suckers. I won't be tamed.


There are three things in life I'm good at: screwing, jumping out of planes, and chasing forest fires.

Settle down? With someone like Autumn Mayburn? Forget it.

She's uptight, smart-mouthed, and she has a kid. She's ten years older than me.

There are a million reasons I shouldn't touch her.

Screw all of those reasons.

The single mama with the smokin' hot body and the sass to match is going to be mine.


I hate bad boys. Especially infuriatingly cocky, womanizing, ooze-desire-from-every-pore bad boys.

I'm a mom. A businesswoman. I have responsibilities.

The last thing I need is to get played by Luke Saint.

He thinks that just because he saved my orchard from a fire, he can tell me how to run it.

He thinks he knows what I need, what I crave.

The problem is, I think he might be right.

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