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Georgie and the Dragon

A Novella by

Who'd believe that in the enlightened year of 1815, Georgie Grisham's Welsh village still felt the need to make its 100-year sacrifice to the local dragon lord? And just because she was supposed to be a descendant of St. George, why was everyone in town suddenly looking at her?

Fine. If being the dragon sacrifice would save her younger siblings from the poor house, she'd do it. After she got the agreement in writing. When the villagers found her safe and sound the next morning, maybe they'd quit believing in this dragon nonsense. But just in case there was some truth to it, she was taking her great-great grandfather's sword. Someone needed to put an end to this appalling tradition once and for all.

When Caddoc sees the buxom, flame-haired beauty waiting for him on the rocks, he can't resist flying in for a closer look. Then the little minx tries to stab him with an enchanted sword. For the first time in centuries, this sacrifice business is going to be fun. First he has to take away her weapon, and, takes her back to his lair. After he shapeshifts to human form - a shape she recognises as the reclusive lord of a nearby castle - he can teach her what it means to satisfy all the cravings of a dragon.