book cover of Phases: Volume Three

Phases: Volume Three

(The third book in the Phases series)
A collection of stories by

Wolves and Coyotes, Lions and Tigers, Bears and Hares... PHASES Volume Three - Snared by Kris Norris: Rangers Quinn Harrington and Rogan James know exactly what they want... they just don't know how to convince Tayen it's her. Though they know she's interested, they're losing hope she'll ever change her mind. But an unexpected storm changes the nature of the game. It seems Tayen's been keeping a secret, and now that the cat's out of the bag, literally, there's no where left for Tayen to run - except straight into their arms. Striped by Abigail Barnette: After spending much of their lives feeling like outsiders, Jason and Mitchell have finally achieved their dream in the founding of Gwinn Close, a community for shape-shifters in the wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. But the only way the community works is by staying low profile and friendly, and the new shifter in town is a toned, tattooed bad boy who doesn't want to play nice. Sean has never put down roots and he's not sure he wants to, especially in a place like Gwinn Close, where everyone seems so happy and well-adjusted. When Jason and Mitchell offer to help tame his tiger impulses with discipline and a firm hand, Sean isn't sure he can submit sexually without losing himself completely. But how can he resist their offer when giving in feels so good. Harvest's Pride by Brynn Paulin: Hanna Herst joins rock band Harvest's tour under the guise of doing an interview on the lead men, Kaz and Myan Ruslan, but in reality, she's searching for her sister who disappeared from their crew. Little does she know, the disappearance and the interview are only a cover to get Hanna within Kaz and Myan's circle. Kaz and Myan know Hanna is their mate. They've spent the last year maneuvering her into their camp and she's arrived just in time for the Harvest moon, the time when shifters in their pride must claim their mates. Now, all that remains is to convince her that she's theirs - now and forever.

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