book cover of With Her Capture

With Her Capture

(Book 11 in the Lunewulf series)
A novel by

Magda Keller and Ayden Toubec are in love. They are fulfilling every sexual fantasy and learning about each other at the same time. Life is perfect. Or it would be if they didn't have to keep their love a secret.

Magda is half Malta werewolf--the most despised werewolf that the law says must be killed on sight. Magda is condemned to hide from the world for the rest of her life.

It breaks her heart, but Magda runs from Ayden. She has to in order to save his life. He is alpha male, loved and respected by his entire pack. Being with her will have him kicked out of his pack, and even worse, killed on sight. There's only one problem.

Ayden chases Magda down. He won't live without her. Now they must avoid every werewolf or risk death--including his very own littermate. There is only one spot on earth where they can love, and live in peace...if they can make it there alive!

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