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Full Moon Rising

(The sixth book in the Lunewulf series)
A novel by

Ethan Masterson has one of the largest packs in the northern part of America. He's broken ground with humans in their territory, successfully living and working alongside them, putting his name in the history books for werewolves. So when word gets to him that a sassy young lawyer is throwing a fit about werewolf rights among the humans, he is outraged that she will destroy his efforts to create a peaceful environment between his pack and the humans in the area.

Beth Parks is one of the most successful lawyers in the Midwest. No one knows she is a werewolf, and she does her best to work among humans, keeping her identity a secret. When she finds out her mother's homepack is being walked all over by humans, she rushes to the rescue, fearing her mother's health will suffer from the stress. What she isn't prepared for though, is that the man she has fantasized about since high school is now pack leader.

Sparks fly when these two headstrong werewolves learn that fantasies can become reality.