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Syndi Stone lives in a dried-out, barren world where water - a commodity too expensive for the poor - is bought or fought for. Tired of panhandling for money, being offered a few bottles of water if she spreads her legs, she dares to break the law and indulge in swimming in a prohibited area. Having never swum before, she is overjoyed by the sensation of water covering every inch of her naked body. Her indulgence takes her too far. Panic grips her when she discovers a tunnel leading to an underwater world unlike anything she's ever seen. Tor Geinz leads the West Passage of Undrworld. Taught as a child that the surface of Earth is no longer habitable, hes' more than a little suspicious when Syndi sufaces in his world out of the blue. Meeting Syndi, a mysterious woman who fires his blood like no other ever has, and fighting the undeniable need they feel for each other, is only one battle on Tor's hands. As the forces of Undrworld gather for an unforeseen confrontation, the collision of both their worlds will change life as they know it forever. Occasionally, change can be a good thing!

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