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Exodus: Extinction Event

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Alternate Universe--the world of the cat-like hadens of Ducran is doomed in this alternate universe as in The Lion's Woman, but this time its an asteroid that brings devastation.

Monica hadn't wanted to explore the planet that had recently had an extinction level event, but the colony ship wasn't a democracy and she was considered expendable as a junior scientist.

There were a lot scenarios that danced through her head but being captured by a couple of the feline-like warriors that had survived the event certainly wasn't one of them.

Nor did it occur to her, at all, that she might find herself stranded on the dying world with her two warrior heroes all that stood between her survival and death of a horrible kind.

Kindle Editions

September 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Exodus: Extinction Event
Author(s): Kaitlyn O'Connor
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
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