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Dream Warriors

A novel by

Faine D'Arten is certain from the first moment he sets eyes on the beautiful creature that emerges from the strange craft that she is the soul mate his dream vision has foretold for him. Unfortunately, the language barrier and her determined resistance to his attempts to woo her through her dreams make convincing her of her destiny a little more difficult than he had anticipated. Rating: Contains graphic sexual content.

"Four Angels! I thought this was a delightful story, with an eager, naive heroine and a smart and gifted hero. Both of the lead characters were interesting and charming. The rest of the characters kind of served as background, so they were not very well developed. The plot is simple, but it is told well. The author's style lends itself to the expression of emotion. The man/woman love scenes are sensual and full of feeling, but not exceptionally graphic. I think readers of futuristic romances would enjoy this novella, and recommend it highly." Fallen Angel Reviews

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