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(Book 18 in the Dr. Richards' Littles series)
A Novella by

Sweat flew in a shower from his saturated hair. He was pushing his body hard this morning. Oliver knew he would need to stop running soon but when he ran, he could at least exhaust his body and quiet his brain. His mind could be focused on any task, and a simple buzz of his phone would make him freeze in place before grabbing his phone to see if the PLAYTIME app had notified him of a match. Just like it had heard his thoughts, his phone buzzed in his pocket.

"Not today, PLAYTIME. I'm not going to fall for it today," Oliver stated aloud, scaring a few robins from the sheltering trees. He slowed to a walk for the last hundred feet of the trail to cool down. His phone burned a hole in his pocket. His fingers kept tracing it's outline in his shorts.

Finally, he gave up. So much for showing PLAYTIME that he wasn't captive to his phone. Oliver pulled out his phone and dropped it in shock. Scrambling to catch it before the screen shattered, Oliver raised the rescued device to double check that he wasn't imagining something. No, there it was! The PLAYTIME emblem was flashing. Staggered, Oliver collapsed to the grass next to the path cradling his phone in his hands. He was almost afraid to press the icon. What if it was just some type of spam message? He closed his eyes and wished with all his heart.

Finally, he pressed the flashing app. It opened to show him a screen he hadn't seen before. It was a pink screen with large black letters spelling out, "Mommy Found! Click here." Oliver quickly touched the indicated spot, and a picture filled his screen. His shoulders dropped, and he sat up straighter. She was so beautiful. Long auburn hair flowed over her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep green set under thick black lashes. Her name was printed below her picture. He whispered it aloud, "Mia Caplin."

Has Oliver finally found his Mommy? He has been searching for her for several years. Could the beautifully curvy Mia Caplin be the one he's waited to meet? She certainly hopes so.

Some of the characters from the first seventeen novels in this series reappear to continue their stories. You do not need to read the stories in order. The books do not necessarily take place in chronological order. All are complete stories. The Dr. Richards' Little books will feature invasive medical treatments, including thorough examinations and enemas when required, as well as diaper changes, spankings and other punishments. If you are offended by age play (adults who choose to live as a Little or a parent of a Little), or dubious consent, this is not the book for you

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