book cover of Dr. Richards\' Littles: 2nd Anniversary Collection

Dr. Richards' Littles: 2nd Anniversary Collection

(A book in the Dr. Richards' Littles series)
An omnibus of novels by

Roxy: Dr. Richards' Littles 21
When Miguel dreams of finding his Little, he never expects to find her living in the alley next to his hotel. Could the bedraggled young woman be his perfect match?

Replaced by her first Daddy, Roxy finds herself alone and destitute. Homeless, she chooses to live next to the most beautiful hotel in town. Her attraction to the handsome hotel owner could never be returned but she is drawn to him. Soon, Roxy will need Miguel Herrera's help badly.
Perhaps, he needs saving as well. A Daddy without his Little girl deserves someone to rescue him. The beguiling Little has hidden talents and a misdeed that needs to be addressed. Miguel knows he is the one to change Roxy's life completely. Now, he just needs to convince her.

Hunter: Dr. Richards' Littles 23
Can a rugged police officer and a tattooed motorcycle rider turn around a disastrous meeting?

Talented tattoo artist, Hunter is used to people judging him incorrectly. He's not sure why the officer's opinion of him matters - but it does.
When the other business owners correct Lazzaro's false assumptions, the gruff police officer admits his mistake. When his apology is met with distrust, Lazzaro's Daddy side makes it appearance bringing hope to a would-be Little boy. Could that unpleasant first meeting lead to the future of their dreams?

Liam: Dr. Richards' Littles 28
When the world appears to be a dark, threatening place can one special woman reveal how special the sunshine is?

Liam is a former soldier who was medically discharged after an explosion leaves him physically and mentally scarred. The visible injuries prove easier to deal with as mentally, Liam struggles to rejoin the world he now finds filled with threats and danger. Little does he know that those books that he read during his recovery could be his salvation.

Valerie has searched for her Little for years. When the hairdresser comes to the rescue of a man she immediately recognizes as being Little, she knows within minutes that he is hers.

These novels are complete stories in the series of books featuring Dr. Richards' patients and their parents. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments including thorough examinations and enemas when required as well as diaper changes, bottle feedings, spankings and other punishments. If you are offended by any of these or by age-play, this is not the book or series for you.