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(The second book in the Dr. Richards' Littles series)
A Novella by

"How could life be so hard?" Amy's world is crumbling around her. She's about to get evicted and misses the interview that could save her when the electricity is turned off. A kind stranger rescues her and introduces her to a new life. Mr. Smythe has been looking for an adult woman to become his "Little." Amy has never heard of age play before but quickly adjusts and thrives with Mr. Smythe's attentive care. Her life becomes filled with diapers, thorough medical exams and treatments including: rectal thermometers and medicinal suppositories and enemas. Living as a child has it's benefits and disadvantages. Amy learns quickly that spankings aren't the only punishment that she wants to avoid. In twenty-three years, she has never had anyone take such good care of her. Can she let Mr. Smythe become her new Daddy?

Characters from the first novel in this series reappear to continue their stories. You do not need to read the stories in order. All are complete stories. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments, including thorough examinations and enemas when required, as well as diaper changes, spankings and other punishments. If you are offended by any of these or by age play, this is not the book or series for you.

Re-edited in October, 2017.

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