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Star Crossed

(The second book in the Entwined Fates series)
A novel by

When a sudden twist of fate has Krista on the run with the arrogant and insufferable Galactic Senator Stefan Marcone, she'll need all her willpower to not give in to the seduction of the charming rake. She's had enough of men like him. But sometimes you have to just forget the past and take advantage of what's right in front of you, right now.Stefan hasn't stopped thinking about Krista since the day she dumped a bowl of punch over his head. Okay, maybe the kiss had been a little forward, but he hadn't been able to stop himself. Just like he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his promise to his sister-in-law and not seduce the beautiful blonde. Especially when they are forced to go into hiding together.The two will travel the galaxy, staying one step ahead of the man determined to see Stefan pay for his involvement with the rebel forces that brought down the previous dictator. Until the day Stefan decides he's had enough. He'll use himself as bait to catch the assassin. But it's not Stefan the assassin's after anymore. It's Krista.

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