book cover of The Cowboys and The Witch

The Cowboys and The Witch

(The fifth book in the Spark of Magic series)
A novel by

Sam and Cody Keller expected just another boring night at home. Instead, they find a young woman lying unconscious in their driveway surrounded by wolves unlike anything the two cowboys had ever seen.

Keegan can't remember anything. Even her name. The only clue she has to her identity is a name on a locket. All she knows is the two cowboys that rescued her haunt her dreams. She's never met them, yet knows everything about them. And everything about how they can make her feel.

But the wolves are still after her. Her guardians are still looking for her. As her memory slowly returns and her nightmares worsen, Keegan learns things about herself she never expected. Things come to a head and take a turn for the worst when wolf battles witch and people she thought she could trust suddenly become the enemy.

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