book cover of Zia\'s Daddy

Zia's Daddy

(Book 19 in the Littleworld series)
A novel by

Littleworld is an amazing vacation spot on an island reserved strictly for age play. Adult visitors can indulge in regression without fear of being judged. In fact, it’s mandatory and addictive. Some guests find themselves unwilling to leave the island…

Zia has been playing the role of dutiful daughter her entire life, but now her parents are pressuring her to get married, and they’re perfectly willing to choose the groom! The only place where Zia is free to be her authentic self is at the Dungeon, and she cherishes those few hours every week.

Gabriel has had his eye on Zia for a long time. When she doesn’t know he’s watching, she’s outgoing and fun-loving with the other Little girls in the playroom. As soon as he approaches, she flushes an adorable pink and lowers her gaze. He knows better than to take it personally. Zia is shy around
all men.

It would be easier to walk away and find another Little girl who can look him in the eyes. But Gabriel is determined, and he’s confident not only is there a story behind her trepidation but that she will be worth every ounce of effort.

The books in this series include strong elements of medical and age play. If this genre is offensive to you, this may not be the book or series for you.

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