book cover of Jake\'s Mommy and Daddy

Jake's Mommy and Daddy

(Book 14 in the Littleworld series)
A novel by

Littleworld is an amazing vacation spot on an island reserved strictly for age play. Visitors can indulge in deeper regression without fear of being judged. In fact, it’s mandatory and addictive. Some guests find themselves unwilling to leave the island…

Jake is so excited. Not only has he been accepted for a sponsorship on Regression Island, but he’s been assigned two caregivers, both a Mommy and a Daddy.

Carter wants it all. He wants a Little and a wife. Maybe he finally has the perfect opportunity. All he has to do is convince Kelly to co-sponsor Jake with him and pray that she falls for both of them.

Kelly has been looking for a Little for a long time. As a nurse on the island, she hasn’t had time to search on the mainland. When she gets the call that Jake needs a sponsor, she’s hopeful he might be the one.

Sparks fly when the two caregivers meet Jake for the first time. But relationships with multiple partners are complicated. Ensuring everyone’s needs are met can be difficult. Can all three of them get on the same page and create their own happily ever after?

The books in this series include thorough medical examinations as well as strong elements of age play, including diapers, bottle feedings, spankings, and other forms of discipline. If these aspects of age play offend you, this may not be the book or series for you.

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