book cover of His Little Topaz

His Little Topaz

(The sixth book in the Eleadian Mates series)
A novel by

It’s Kendra’s turn to find out what it means to have a Papi of her own.

Engaged to a man she can’t stand, Kendra visits Club Zoom several times in hopes an Eleadian hunk will claim her and whisk her away from her looming arranged marriage. It’s a longshot, but it’s her only hope.

Bialar watches the blond from the control room for several nights. He knows better than to approach her. She’s obviously wealthy and haughty. A handful. Not the sort of woman he should claim.

Desperate and filled with despair, Kendra spends her last night at the club getting drunk. What difference does it make? Her life is over.

When the woman's stomach revolts in the club’s bathroom, her obvious anguish pulls at Bialar’s heartstrings. He can’t just leave her there. He’s drawn to her. Damn the consequences. She might end up being a handful, but if it’s meant to be, she’ll be his handful.

Prepare to travel through the stars only if you’re brave enough to learn about oversized Papis and survive their very intimate care.

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