book cover of Marla Monroe\'s Special Collection, Volume 1

Marla Monroe's Special Collection, Volume 1

A collection of stories by

In Hot and Bothered, Savanna's sex life has become a little boring. Now, she's looking for something--or someone--to spice things up. She wants someone who can get her all hot and bothered with just one look. Savanna thinks she finds a winner in Dustin, but he lacks one major asset: a steady job. Dustin wasn't looking for anything when he met Savanna, but she is everything he's ever wanted in a woman, and he falls for her fast. But when Dustin's lack of a job causes Savanna to balk at a relationship with him, Dustin is hurt and pissed off. Can these two turn the spark between them into a long-term and steady burn? Or will they flame out?

In Peyton's Pleasure, Peyton is burned out on love. After escaping from an abusive and controlling relationship, all she wants is a little fun and freedom. When she meets Ryker, who instantly sets her blood on fire, Peyton thinks she's found just the distraction she needs...until Ryker starts to hint at a relationship. Ryker is ready to settle down, and he wants to do so with Peyton. But every time he mentions any type of commitment, she pulls away. Well, fine. If it's sex she wants, Ryker's going to make it all about Peyton's pleasure. But will he win over her heart as well as her body?

In Nina's Neighbor, Jack Montgomery moved in next door to Nina Scott nearly a month ago, and he's been testing her resolve ever since. In an unlikely turn of events, Jack saves Nina from a case of sunstroke, and the two strike up a budding relationship. But when Jack takes her on a bike ride over the weekend, someone from his past returns and tries to use Nina to get to him. Will Jack be able to keep Nina safe from the ghosts of his past? And if they escape with their lives, can their relationship survive?

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