book cover of Clan of the Bear

Clan of the Bear

(A book in the Dark and Dangerous series)
A novel by

By the time the Artos brothers had snatched her from the jaws of death Dana was beyond 'smitten'--it was hero worship on Steroids. Connor made it as clear as bell, though, that they didn't make a habit of getting involved with their 'target'. Less

***NEW** Connor and Kiran Artos are Mercs hired to rescue the partner of a top exec at HHR Industries, an American business operating in South America.

What their customer doesn’t realize is that they aren’t ordinary ex Special Forces Army Rangers. They’re bear shifters and that makes them even better at their jobs--and way more dangerous to piss off.

What they don’t realize is that they weren’t actually hired to save the partner--and they're seriously unhappy when they discover what they've been embroiled in.

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