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A Little White Lie

A Novella by

The truth could make their one perfect night crumble into dust.

It's Friday night and advertising agent Stella Sinclair's plan to catch the red-eye back to New York is fading with the Montana sunset. She'll do anything to land this western-wear company's account, but what's she going to do all weekend in this Podunk town?

On the way back to the hotel to watch paint peel from the walls, she makes a quick stop in a local bar to answer the call of nature. One slippery spot later, her stiletto heels are flying - and her fall is broken by the most delicious cowboy she's ever laid eyes on.

Heaven just dropped into JD Foster's arms. City girls - and city life - aren't his style, which made it easy to skip out on his grandfather's business meeting earlier today. For this classical beauty, though, he just might make an exception.

A drink, a dance, and their chemistry takes the reins. Then JD remembers why Stella's name seems familiar. She's courting the family business. JD wants her sighing in pleasure tonight, but for the right reasons. And he's not above withholding a vital detail or two in order to seal the deal...

Warning: This book contains lies, explicit sex, and betrayal. All necessary elements to light a fire between two people and lay the foundation for some really hot makeup sex.