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Stud Muffin Wanted

A Novella by

After taking a magazine sex quiz, Karon Bower is close to tears. Out of fifty questions, she could only say yes to experiencing five. Following her best friend Jacque's advice, Karon decides to go through the quiz and list everything she wants to try.Several glasses of wine and a plate of Alfredo later, Karon and Jacque come up with twenty-seven things she wants to do, thirteen things she might do and five things she wouldn't do at gunpoint. Her quest for a Stud Muffin seems all in good fun until an acquaintance comes over to her table and offers to fulfill her list.If anyone had ever told Tristan Dodson that sexy, full-figured Karon was in dire need of an orgasm, he wouldn't have believed them. She's one of the hottest and smartest women he knows, and the very thought of her never having experienced oral pleasure made him speechless, not to mention choking on his ravioli. Tristan had been looking for a way to expand the boundaries of their friendship and Karon's overheard little list seems just the ticket. Now all he needed to do was convince her he was her Stud Muffin.