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The Better To Eat You With

(The second book in the Urban Fairytales series)
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Good girl, bad boys. Going off-path was never this much fun.

Urban Fairytales, Book 2

Yvonne Rousel is having trouble keeping up a brave face. Ezekiel Crawford and Daniel Hunter are her best friends - and she's about to lose one of them to another woman.

Thanks to a pact between the human residents of Monroeville and the local werewolf pack - brides for protection - Ezekiel has won the right to choose a mate. Yvonne's doing her best to be happy for him, but fear persists that his marriage could signal the beginning of the end of their charmed friendship. Because once Ezekiel's preoccupied with his new bride, how long will it be before Daniel, too, drifts away?

Ezekiel and Daniel have no intention of letting their happy threesome come to an unhappy end. Their plan is a little unconventional, a tad kinky, and destined to be a whole lot of fun. Now all they have to do is convince their good-girl girlfriend to take a walk on the big, bad side. And stay one step ahead of a jealous lawman...

Warning: It's not your grandmother's fairytale... unless she likes big bad wolves, hot three ways and double penetration.