book cover of A Strict Husband

A Strict Husband

(The second book in the Wyoming Heat series)
A Novella by

(Wyoming Heat Book Two) Sue Lyndon does it again with this hot western sequel to "A Firm Husband" (AISN: B0086KSGKW)

In a moment of anger, Mattie's brother, Elliot, promises to find her a strict husband who won't put up with any of her childish nonsense. Mattie is reluctant to leave the Wyoming ranch she grew up on, and she's devastated to learn Elliot wants her to marry an older man from Cheyenne.

Torn away from the only life she's ever known, she is wed to the owner of the local general store, a widower named Henry Riley who is nearly twice her age. Despite her anger over the forced marriage, Mattie strives to obey Henry in all things, especially after he threatens her with a spanking on their wedding night. Of course, it isn't long before Mattie discovers that obeying her new husband isn't so easy after all.

Henry never planned to take a second wife, but when he's offered Mattie's hand in marriage, it's a temptation he can't resist. Sweet and young, but with a wild streak he aims to tame, he's grateful for another chance at love and happiness.

But when the brother of the man who shot Henry's first wife is spotted in Cheyenne, his newfound marital bliss is threatened. As the sheriff tries to hunt down the terror known as Big Lennie, Henry strives to keep Mattie out of harms way. Will Henry and Mattie prevail over the gunslinger with a grudge? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

"A Strict Husband" is an erotic romance featuring scenes of domestic discipline, including spanking, in a historical setting. It also contains explicit sexual scenes, including mild anal play. If such themes offend you, please do not buy this book.

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