book cover of His Naughty Valentine

His Naughty Valentine

A Novella by

Kaden Prescott is stunned to discover hundreds of adult spanking photos and stories on Lacey's computer--not to mention a bit hurt she didn't confide in him with her secret kink. He decides to give her exactly what she's been craving, and the act of scolding her, turning her over his knee, and spanking her bare bottom sets their passion ablaze.

Lacey knows she should've confessed her obsession with all-things-spanking to Kaden a long time ago. She's thrilled when he finally spanks her, and even more so when he promises a naughty Valentine's Day surprise. But will she be able to handle the stern Lord Prescott who has replaced her fiance, who waits with an intimidating leather strap in hand?

Publisher's Note:His Naughty Valentine is a short story that contains spanking, roleplay, sexual scenes, and a laptop that could probably use a virus checkup. If such material offends you, please don't purchase this book.