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Tricks and Treats - Masque of DesireBy Amy Ruttan Miranda Carter is a very successful attorney. Trick or treating is for kids, but when a very influential client she has never met invites her to an authentic eighteenth-century masquerade she quickly suits up to attend his masked ball at a haunted plantation. Violet Hall is home to a mysterious ghost of the former owner, Aleksandr Valquet. He has haunted the grounds for two hundred and fifty years, waiting for his true love to return and break the curse of his immortality. It seems the so-called ghost has set his eyes on Miranda. Miranda succumbs to a masked stranger's advances and spends an evening of pleasure in his arms, a stranger who seems awfully familiar as her past life unfolds. Tricks and Treats - Between a Rock and a Hard OnBy Cindy Spencer Pape What happens when you mix a half-dragon, a pixie and a little sex magic in a wooded park on Halloween? Neither Bram nor Twyla has any idea but when it all comes together the magic explodes in a frenzy of hot sex and sizzling romance. Tricks and Treats - Mischief NightBy Cris Anson Annabelle lusts after her boss, the quintessential tall, dark and dreamy, but after six months, Mr. Smith still calls her Miss Fortier. A Halloween party changes that. Seeing her very formal boss striding toward her wearing nothing but war paint, a skimpy loincloth which leaves nothing to her imagination on a body that is her personal wet dream, Annabelle can't say no when he backs her into a secluded corner and reveals the savage lurking under that sinful smile. Until she hears the real Mr. Smith's irate voice asking, ""Miss Fortier, what are you doing?!"" Blindfolded, telling the two men apart takes some ingenuity, but it's the beginning of a night of erotic mischief. When Halloween is over, what will happen at work the next day? Tricks and Treats - Spells at MidnightBy Jenna Castille A witch seeking love, Renee isn't different from most women. She wants someone who can accept her for who she is. Unfortunately she isn't exactly human and there aren't many paranormal guys left. Tired of waiting for love, she casts a spell on Samhain to draw her soulmate. A creature born from lust, Zachary is a satyr. He lives for sex - literally. So when Renee drags him into the mortal world all he wants is a night of kinky fun and games. He doesn't expect to find a mate chosen for him by the God and Goddess. But they have one day to discover if theirs is a lust match - or a love match. Tricks and Treats - Ghostly AwakeningBy Lacey Savage Eighteen years of solitude have annihilated Sebastian Bradley's social skills. Not that he needs them. He's resigned himself to a life of complete seclusion until trouble decides to pitch a tent on his lawn and entice him with wide, curious blue eyes. Now there are people under Sebastian's roof, invading his privacy, using his home as a locale for a fancy society Halloween bash. One woman's to blame. A woman who in one short week has managed to turn Sebastian's entire world on its axis and awaken hungry, desperate desires that even a ghost can't ignore. Tricks and Treats - Conjured BlissBy Brigit Zahara Who says three's a crowd? In fact, on Halloween - a notoriously exciting time filled with thrills and magic and pulse-pounding surprises - a threesome can be a supernatural delight. Or so Callie finds out when she teams up again with magicians Vance and Hart for one very special show... and night. Reader Advisory: Contains M/M and M/F/M sex scenes. Tricks and Treats - Nocturnal ObsessionBy Lolita Lopez Normally, dreams are peaceful respites, but lately, Desi's are nothing short of erotic adventures - with the oh-so-sexy Dr. Ian Cuvos playing ringmaster. Her naughty nocturnal escapades feel so incredibly real that she's convinced she's subconsciously tapping into an energy conduit amplified by Halloween's approach. But when magic is involved, there's always a price. From the moment Desi de Soto steps into hi

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October 2008 : USA Paperback

Title: Tantalizing Treats
Author(s): Chris Anson, Lolita Lopez, Lacey Savage, Brigit Zahara, Amy Ruttan, Cindy Spencer Pape
ISBN: 1-4199-5832-1 / 978-1-4199-5832-8 (USA edition)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
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