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Sinfully Delicious

A Novella by

Critically acclaimed chef, Gabe Raeburn, lives for indulging the gluttonous whims of his lover, Carmen Montes, a gourmet food shop owner. Every Monday night, Gabe treats Carmen to a veritable smorgasbord of delicious delights and the kinkiest of food play. The melding of hot sex with the sweet and savory treats Gabe creates epitomizes Carmen's very own version of nirvana. She revels in the freedom of their relationship, in their shared fascination and absolute obsession with food.

A true glutton, Carmen is rarely satisfied. Always, she craves more - more food, more sex, more of Gabe. Just one more spicy tryst on Gabe's dining room table, one more cupcake, one more sinfully rich chocolate truffle . . . .

But with a crazed food critic out for her blood, Carmen's gluttony may be a weakness that proves fatal.