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Nocturnal Obsession

A novel by

"Normally, dreams are peaceful respites, but lately, Desi's are nothing short of erotic adventures - with the oh-so-sexy Dr. Ian Cuvos playing ringmaster. Her naughty nocturnal escapades feel so incredibly real that she's convinced she's subconsciously tapping into an energy conduit amplified by Halloween's approach. But when magic is involved, there's always a price. From the moment Desi de Soto steps into his life, Ian - an incubus hiding behind the identity of a philosophy professor - is enthralled... and shocked to discover Desi can withstand his sexual feedings. Longing for an eternal mate and desperate to free himself of his nightly wanderings, he must seduce and obtain a pledge of love from Desi. Providing the revelation of his demonic side doesn't drive her away."