book cover of Yazmina\'s Lion

Yazmina's Lion

(The fourth book in the Lions of the Serengeti series)
A Novella by

Yazmina Al-Rahad, the daughter of a wealthy sheikh, is running away from an arranged marriage by stowing away on an international cargo ship. Her destination, the port of New York, sounds like a desert girl's dream. After all, America, the Land of the Free, is where she needs to be. Unfortunately, the ship's captain catches Yazmina and throws her in with the secret cargo the ship is carrying - a lion cage. Yazmina thinks she's dead meat... until she witnesses the big, hungry lion turn into a gorgeous man before her eyes.

Arcan Rarh, a part-time businessman and full-time lion shifter, is in Dubai to close a deal. He usually doesn't let his business partners talk him into celebratory drinking, considering the nature of his beast. When he wakes up in a daze in a filthy cage, with a curvy, voluptuous Arabian goddess watching his every move in fear, Arcan thinks fate has a plan for him - to save her and set her free from the strict patriarchal chain.

But then she makes him an offer no sane man can refuse...

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