book cover of Supernatural Billionaire Mates Vol 1

Supernatural Billionaire Mates Vol 1

(A book in the Supernatural Billionaire Mates series)
A novel by

They're young billionaires.
Smart and charismatic.
Sexy as hell.
And they're... supernatural beasts?

Supernatural Billionaire Mates bundle from Lizzie Lynn Lee's best-selling paranormal erotic romance novellas: Her Dragon Billionaire, Her Tiger Billionaire and Her Lion Billionaire.

Her Dragon Billionaire
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, plump librarian Eva Walkers witnesses a man being murdered by the Russian mafia. Three months later, the Feds put her in the witness protection program. Reborn with new identity as Eva Smith in a new town, she tries to pick up her life where she had left off. Unfortunately, the vory v zakone is able to track her down to finish her. They shoot Eva and dump her body into the river.

Dragon shifter and reclusive billionaire Liam Caderyn is having his midnight stroll when he sees a woman's body wash out in the stream of his property. He saves her and nurses Eva back to life. Wildly attracted to her, Liam claims that Eva is his wife when she wakes up with amnesia. He figures the lies will keep her with him while he investigates her mysterious past. And besides, he really wants to claim her as his mate.

However, Eva's past catches up with her and the ruthless vory v zakone gets wind of her whereabouts. They come to settle the score once and for all. But they don't know Liam. As a businessman, he's well-rehearsed in power plays. As a dragon, he's dangerous and protective over what belongs to him.

But what will happen if Eva suddenly remembers her past?

Her Tiger Billionaire
Stuck in a dead-end job and with a little brother who needs expensive medical care, pleasantly plump waitress Annalise Conrad is at the end of her rope. Out of the blue, three men knock on her door and tell her that she has just inherited a great fortune. But the inheritance comes with a catch: Annalise must marry a man named Sven Torvik and stay married for a year, even if it's just a pro forma.

Ambitious, workaholic billionaire Sven Torvik is fulfilling a promise he made to his surrogate father Seymour Dune that he would take care of Dune's estranged niece. The promise is that Sven will show her how to manage her wealth and Dune Industry. The method is unorthodox: Sven must marry her for a year in order to boost her credibility in front of the board of directors and to teach her everything she must know to run a multinational company.

But when Sven sees Annalise - a cheery, innocent young woman with dangerous curves and alluring femininity, he can barely contains the beast within him. Sven immediately changes his mind. He'll marry her for good, keeping her as his forever. Whether Annalise likes it or not...

Her Lion Billionaire
As a Sandman's daughter, curvaceous Charlotte Winters inherits her father's power to see into people's dream and sometimes more. That's why she always avoided skin-to-skin contact. One day, a man saves her from a traffic accident and Charlotte sees a vision of him and her making love, getting married and having children. Problem is her children aren't completely human - they are lion cubs, and he is a shapeshifter. Problem number two: the man is the tall, dark and blond billionaire bachelor in town who swoons women off their feet with his good look and charity works. Freaked out of what she saw, she swears she isn't going to be near him ever again. Ever!

Businessman and pride alpha, Daniel Addington is curious with a woman he saved to the point of obsession. When they touched, he felt the sparks, quite literally, and saw his future flashed before his eyes. But Charlotte is playing hard to get that he decides to kidnap her. She knows his family secret and Dani intends to keep it as secret. Plus that voluptuous body of hers and innocent face makes him drowns in lust as the beastly feline part of him wants to mark and claim that woman as his

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