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Seeing Stars

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Bodies of Light Dr Christine Moore thinks the strangers who show up on an off-course, deserted ship are erotic hallucinations. But Alyn and Zed are real - Christine is forced to choose between her alien lovers and the planet she was sent to save. The Sevarian Way Kink is illegal. Azed Paul and Suka Demontel have learnt to repress their sexuality...until they visit a dead planet where service and discipline were part of the fabric of life. Can they find a way to embrace the Sevarian Way? Europa Europa Salvia demands a mate to keep her company in the oceans of Jupiter's moon, Europa. Blackmail is never welcome, and her tactics might mean death for Salvia, her new companion Rhus...or both. Star Struck Trader Captain Drew Roberts thinks picking up a sexy alien pair might be the perfect way to get back at her long-time rival. And Ashwin and Kormec think the best way to avoid a political marriage might be one of another kind...with Drew. To Bed A Goddess In a dreamless slumber for thousands of years, sacred virgin Amaranth wakes on a hijacked ship under the command of a disgraced admiral. With the Imperial Armada on their tail, Graeme Darin's first priority is to keep his crew safe. Can a mortal man resist a Goddess' seduction? Captain Kate Captain Kate Thorn mistakes two powerful diplomats for Rim pirates. She tries to ensure their silence with sexual blackmail. She doesn't expect them to know how to play the game even better than she does...